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About Our Online Courses

Learning Interactions

Your learning experience within our courses is designed to deliver you one of the richest levels of Web-based interactivity ever designed. You will apply problem-solving skills in viirtual simulations, complete various quizzing components and engage in business case study applications. The interactions allow users to apply the skills they are learning and the instant feedback assures your users complete success. We supplement our training with on-demand video, Flash animations, interactive scenarios and more.

Course Intructional Methodology

DiversityFIRST™ Consulting employs a powerful learning model that is turning the Web-based training industry on its heels. Too many "other" training products are simply textbooks online with a few quizzing components thrown in. Our Web-based training titles are different. First we embrace over 50 years of learning research compiled into the learning model presented by international learning researcher, Robert Gagne. Second, we transfer this learning model into Web-based instructional design. The result becomes a dynamic and truly interactive learning experience that the user will not soon forget.


DiversityFIRST™ Consulting knows training needs to be framed specifically for most of our customers. Legal, communications, HR and others all have interest in the exact wording, content outline, user tracking options of the course and more. Our staff is prepared to customize our courses until they become your courses. Your corporate culture is unique and sometimes, one-size doesn't fit all.

Delivery Options

Stand Alone Courses
Our Stand-alone courses are simple to install on your corporate web server. Using the stand-alone product allows you to edit the files, images, video, clips, quizzing elements and more. DiversityFIRST™ Consulting also provides all the services you need to modify and edit the content and install on you servers.

Subscription-Based Courses
Our Subscription-based courses are designed to get you up and training in the click of a button. All the content is on our servers and ready for your organization. We take care of the maintenance, edits and upgrades. You simply send learners to our server with a link on your corporate Intranet.


Course Outline

Introducing -  Diversity Management: A Manager's Primer, an award winning online program used by several Fortune 500 companies.

Course Goal
The learner will be able to identify the tangible relationship that exists between diversity management concepts and business success.

Course Objective
The learner will correctly identify, on a pass/fail basis, the fundamental diversity management concepts that impact business success.

Course Summary
Diversity Management - A Manager's Primer is designed for business managers. This course will introduce the fundamental concepts of Diversity Management and learners will be presented with cases studies of Diversity Management in action. The combination of highly interactive simulations, quizzing and memory retention techniques will guarantee the learner the knowledge and tools required to make better business decisions.

Lesson One: "Diversity Concepts Defined."

Learning Goal: Learners show a working knowledge of what diversity is.

Learning Objective: Learners will identify, on a pass fail basis, the proper definition of diversity interactive web-based assessments.

Lesson Two: "Why Diversity Management is Important to Business."

Learning Goal: Learners will be able to distinguish the key reasons why Diversity Management is important and relate this undertanding to their business role.

Learning Objective: Learners will identify, on a pass/fail basis, the key reasons why Diversity Management is important to business success through interactive Web-based assessments.

Lesson Three: Exploring My Perspective

Learning Goal: The learner will identify ways to recognize and manage their diversity-related biases.

Learning Objective: The learner will identify, on a pass/fail basis, ways to manage diversity-related biases as applied to interpersonal business relationships through interactive web-based assessments.

Lesson Four: Fundamentals of Managing Diversity

Learning Goal: The learner will show a working knowledge of Diversity Management/leadership development models.

Lesson Objective: The learner will show a working knowledge of Diversity Management /leadership development models through interactive Web-based assessments.

Testing Assessment: Post Assessment

Assess a participant's readiness to manage diversity

*Course can be customized bor employees at any level in your organization.


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